A Source of New Life


In therapeutic terms, the restorative value of the Dead Sea was cherished by civilization long before it was documented by science. For centuries, the Dead Sea basin has been a natural spa for those seeking well-being and relief from various ailments due to its mineral-rich waters.

Today, wellness seekers worldwide can reap the benefits of these curative waters in their own environments by using the ALZARA product range, specially formulated to improve the skin, pamper the body, relieve stress, and maintain lasting, emotional, and physical equilibrium.

The subtle art of extracting and blending the rare Dead Sea minerals and black mud with unique essences from plant and herbal extracts has been perfected by ALZARA. Each product will delight and awaken your senses, nourish your skin and help in healing, relaxing, and stimulating you, body, and soul.

Our firm commitment to satisfy the growing needs of our customers renders us "the preferred choice for those seeking a holistic lifestyle", and allows you to capitalize on what we produce with authenticity and respect for nature.
We invite you to explore the vast world of the Dead Sea, its colors, aromas and traditions and enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic healing powers of its treasures in the comfort of your own home.

ALZARA products may be used with confidence by all genders.




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