Olive Oil Salt Soap 

A daily use soap based on pure olive oil and Dead Sea Minerals that cleanses, tones and purifies your skin. Regular use relieves irritation, itching and moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth and silky.



Black Mud Soap

A rich-lathering bar enriched with Dead Sea black mud, fruit oil, almond oil and vitamin E. Regular use help restore your skin natural pH balance and helps protect it. It relieves irritation and itching while moisturizing your skin. Ideal for face and body use.

Exfoliating Soap 

Rich in Dead Sea minerals, black mud, apricot seeds and essential vitamins, ALZARA Exfoliating Soap stimulates, exfoliates, deep cleanses and moisturizes your skin. Replenishes the skin with vitamin E and A and other ingredients essential for skin renewal. Keeps skin soft, supple, and smooth.




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